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Nursery Program

Adult Classes


One-time Non-refundable Registration Fee: $50
Textbook: $59.54 including tax


$65/hour – 1 hour per week
$55/hour – 2 hours per week
$45/hour – 3 or more hours per week


2 students-$60/hour
3 students-$75/hour

Even if not all students are in attendance, the amount due per hour does not change. The attending students will be responsible for the entire amount.

Please note that one hour of class is 55 minutes long.


The beginner’s course (A1) are 4 months long. All subsequent courses are 3 months long*. Classes are held two times per week, for two hours at a time, Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays 5-7pm or 7-9pm.

** Please note that due to our small class sizes and individualized instruction, it is possible that a 3-month class may take longer to complete. Instructors are sensitive to the students’ needs, and if extra time is needed to finish the textbook, the class may run over the 3-month timeframe. **

Tuition pricing changes based on how you choose to pay. Our two options for payment of group classes are as follows. Please note that the one-time $50 registration fee and the $59.54 textbook fee are not included.

Pay by Course:

  • A1 Beginner’s Course (4 months) = $832
  • Courses A2 – C2 (3 months) = $624*

**If the class is not completed within the 3 month timeframe (see explanation above), students will be responsible for paying for the extra time it takes to complete the textbook.**

Pay by Month:

  • Monthly payments of $240

Pay by Class:
This option is only available to our Advanced Conversation students, or to students who are also taking private classes because they cannot make our group classes on a regular basis and have special scheduling needs. Please inquire for more details about special scheduling.

  • Price per class is $34

Advanced Conversation classes only meet once per week, on Saturday mornings 9 – 11am. Enrollment is ongoing and the course length is indefinite, and therefore pricing is done differently than our other Group Classes. Pricing is on a per-class basis, though payments for multiple classes may be made in advance.

  • Price per class is $34

Please note that one hour of class is 55 minutes long.

Payment Policy

At this time, we only accept cash or check.
If paying by course, payment is due a week in advance of the first class. If paying by month, payment is due a week before the first class of the next month. New students are expected to pay on or before their first day of class.

Trial Period/Refund Policy

You will be issued an invoice on your first day of class, and payment is expected at that time. We only accept cash or check. We allow a trial period of up to 3 class sessions for you to determine if Spanish House is a good fit for you. If, after 3 classes, you decide that you do not want to continue the course, we will refund the remaining balance (excluding the first 3 classes at a rate of $34/class, as well as the registration fee and textbook). However, please note that refunds will not be issued if you have attended more than 3 class sessions.

Classes are not transferable. If you pay for group or private classes and cannot complete them within the scheduled time frame, you must notify Spanish House in writing prior to the scheduled final day of classes. We will hold your credit for up to one year.

Attendance policy

Students are expected to attend class, and will be charged tuition for the class whether they attend or not.

However, if you have travel plans and know you will miss 2 weeks or more of class (4 consecutive classes), please notify us in advance and we will not charge you for those classes.

If desired, you may choose to use the credit from your missed classes towards private sessions to catch up with your class, schedule availability of our teachers permitting.

In order to avoid being charged for missed PRIVATE classes, students must cancel their private class at least 24 hours in advance. If we do not receive notification within this time frame, students will be charged for missed private classes. Please notify of absences via email (adultclasses@dallasspanishhouse.com) or call the school at (214) 826-2212 and speak with someone or leave a voicemail.

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