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Nursery Program

Trips to Oaxaca


“Loved the posada – great food and location.”

“Family was wonderful! I liked that my room door locked and I had a key to the exterior gate, too. Very safe!”

“Food was plentiful and good. Rooms were very clean, very fun to eat family style in the courtyard. Excellent location! The Girons were so nice!”
“This is the only place I would stay. The food was great and there was a laundry. We were 2 blocks from the school.”

“We enjoyed the home where we stayed very much!”

“Luz was an excellent instructor. I felt we covered a great deal in these 5 days.”

“Luz is a great teacher. I learned a lot of Spanish and a lot of history about Oaxaca. Luz is a special person!”

“Mercedes was wonderful! Funny, patient, well-prepared.”

“Mercedes was an excellent teacher – very similar style to Luis in Dallas. There was a lot of homework, but this helped us to be focused.”

“Luz is the best teacher I have ever had. (Luis is the 2nd best, but Luz taught Luis)!

“Loved them – it was nice to go in a van with a small group.”

“Always on time, used a nice van for travel to very interesting places. The trip to Teotitlan was excellent, because we got to go to the weaver’s house.”

“The trip to Monte Alban was excellent.”

“I give it 5+++ stars! The family experience, food, great size of the group made it an incredible experience. Thank you!! I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity.”

“I am definitely interested in going again for 2 weeks during the summer.”

“I had a wonderful trip! The time of year that we went (July) was great because of the Guelaguetza festival.”

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