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Spanish House/Lingoax arranges weekend excursions to cultural and historical sites in and around the city of Oaxaca. Whether at the historic ruins in Monte Alban, Yagul or Mitla, the weaver’s village of Teotitlan, the land of the famous black pottery in San Martin Coyotapec or in San Martin Tilacajete, known for its brightly-colored wooden carvings (alebrijes), you will experience the beauty and significance of each destination with a small group and tour guide. We provide a van and experienced driver to make sure the tours are safe, comfortable and timely.

You may also participate in cultural workshops to enhance your regular Spanish classes. Classes meet for one hour per day, four days a week, with a new class beginning each Monday. Classes include: Salsa dancing, Mexican cooking, ceramics, weaving, music history, art history and more. It is possible to participate only in the cultural classes with no language classes.

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