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Nursery Program

Learn English (ESL)

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Spanish House offers ESL classes during the week and weekend. Group and private classes are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.Classes are conducted in an “all-English” environment. Please contact Spanish House for current ESL class schedules.

 Class Descriptions


  • Using the verb to be
  • Creating questions with who and where
  • Simple present and present continuous verb tenses
  • Prepositions of time
  • Frequency adverbs
  • Count & Noncount nouns
  • Possessive & demonstrative adjectives
  • Describing oneself (nationality, family, professions, etc.)


  • Review simple present & present continuous verb tenses
  • Review count & noncount nouns (including quantity expressions some, any, much, many, a lot of)
  • Object & possessive pronouns
  • Prepositions of place
  • Physical and emotional descriptors
  • Describing people & places


  • Future tense (be going to)
  • Simple past
  • Using because
  • Time clauses with when
  • Using can and could
  • Using present continuous to express future time
  • Imperative mode
  • Describing future plans and remembering past events


  • Simple Present vs. Present Continuous
  • Review simple past
  • Comparative & superlative adjectives
  • Stative (non-action) verbs
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Giving advice
  • Review imperative tense
  • Future tenses (be going to and will)


  • Time clauses using before, after and when
  • Past continuous
  • Past Continuous vs. Simple Past
  • Verb + infinitive
  • Present perfect
  • Modal expressions (may, could)
  • Verb + infinitive vs. Verb + gerund
  •  Used to (past expression)
  • Comparative adjectives (as…as)


  • Future forms/modals of future possibility
  • Participial and prepositional phrases
  • Review present perfect
  • Introduction to phrasal verbs
  • Using gerund as subject
  • Future time clauses


  • Passive voice in present and past tenses
  • Conjunctions because, so, although
  • Reported speech
  • Present perfect continuous
  • Present perfect continuous vs. Present perfect
  • Too and enough
  • Conditional tenses (real and unreal)
  • Wish-statements
  • Expressions with get


Please contact Spanish House for ESL pricing. (214) 826-2212.

Private Classes

Spanish House offers private classes for those who are seeking intensive, thorough explanation and comprehension. Flexible scheduling is available. Please contact Spanish House to make arrangements.

Please click here for information about pricing.

Custom-Designed Classes

If you or your organization are looking for English classes with a specific professional goal (medical, food service, real estate, construction, religious services, education, etc.), Spanish House will design a specific curriculum to suit your needs. Please contact Spanish House for more information.


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