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Nursery Program

Adult Classes

SH Adult School
801 N. Peak St. Dallas, TX 75246

Our Method:

We teach our classes with an immersion approach, meaning all classes are held in a “Spanish-only” environment with a native-Spanish speaking teacher. Even beginning students will be completely immersed in the Spanish language on the first day of class. Our materials are also in all Spanish. Please come to class with an open mind and relax into the rhythm of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.

The A1 Beginner Course is designed to last for 4 months, or 32 classes. All other courses last for 3 months, or 24 classes. Most classes are limited to 8 – 10 students.


A1 (for first-time Spanish learners, or those who have not studied Spanish for many years)
A2 (for learners with some basic knowledge of Spanish)
A2+ (for learners who need a review of concepts covered in A1 and A2, plus new material for beginning students)
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B1 (for students with a solid grasp of simple verb tenses and who are ready to move to the subjunctive tense)
B2 (for students who are prepared to learn more advanced verb tenses and Spanish grammar)
B2+ (for students who are prepared to learn more additional advanced verb tenses and Spanish grammar)
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C1 (for students with a very solid grasp of Spanish grammar and a good understanding of all indicative and subjunctive verb conjugations)
C2 (for advanced students who want to hone their speaking and writing skills for a variety of purposes)
Advanced Conversation (for advanced students who have had sufficient grammar instruction and are interested in practicing their conversational skills)
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Private Classes

Spanish House offers private classes for those who are seeking intensive, thorough explanation and comprehension. Flexible scheduling is available. Please contact Spanish House to make arrangements.

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Custom-Designed Classes

If you or your organization are looking for Spanish classes with a specific professional goal (medical, food service, real estate, construction, religious services, education, etc.), Spanish House will design a specific curriculum to suit your needs. Please contact Spanish House for more information.

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