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Nursery Program


SH Elementary School
7159 E Grand Ave
Dallas, TX 75223
(214) 826-2323

Authentic learning experiences at Spanish House Elementary provide real-life purpose that empowers and intrinsically motivates students through high quality, complex processes of inquiry and critical thinking. It fosters relevant, shared outcomes that connect directly to the real world.

  • Authentic project-based learning at Spanish House Elementary is anchored in Spanish Language Arts to promote literacy and problem-solving.
  • We develop social emotional learning through authentic, meaningful interactions with our community, which includes other students, local experts, area professionals, fellow teachers, and volunteer parents.
  • Incorporated throughout instruction, our Core Values program includes these character expectations, chosen by our inaugural Kingergarten class: Communication, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.


The SH Elementary Immersion program strives to grow students who are biliterate in Spanish and English and cultivate cultural awareness while reaching high levels of academic achievement.



  • We begin with 90% Spanish and 10% English in Kindergarten. Students continue to receive daily literacy instruction and project support in English Language Arts throughout the elementary grades. As an immersion program, the majority of our day, including formal and informal conversation, focuses on Spanish language development.
  • We offer Fine Arts, Physical Education, Technology, and Yoga, along with two daily recess periods and after-school enrichment programs – all in Spanish.

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