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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will it be confusing for my child to process two languages at the same time?
Research definitively proves that our minds are capable of distinguishing different languages from a very early age. Because students are only spoken to in Spanish from the very first day at Spanish House, they very quickly know that they will hear something different at school than what they hear at home. And because we know that students receive an adequate amount of English outside of school (through conversations with friends and family, exposure to books and TV, etc.), there is no reason to believe that their English skills will be delayed whatsoever.

How can I practice with my child at home?
Parents receive monthly vocabulary lists and a description of the unit of study, so that they remain aware of what students are doing at school. We encourage parents to practice basic vocabulary in Spanish when possible, and also to supplement their education in Spanish with books and conversations in English. For example, if we are studying about ocean animals at school, parents may want to read English books at home about the same topic.

What will my child’s day look like?
Infants maintain their own schedules. Toddlers & PK2 students will have a daily routine including circle time, reading time, learning centers (blocks, art, early math, dramatic play, fine & gross motor skill development), outside play, lunch and nap time.

PK2 students participate in our Project-Based learning model, in which they actively investigate a driving question and work towards the creation of a final product that is then presented to their classmates, teachers and community members.

What food is provided?
Spanish House provides the morning snack to all students once they are 18 months old. Parents provide milk, lunch, and any additional snacks.

What are the student to teacher ratios at Spanish House?
Infant classes: 8 students to 3 teachers
Toddler classes: 10 students to 3 teachers
PK2 Classes: 10 students to 2 teachers

How does enrollment work?
Annual registration for new families is on February 13, 2017, however, students can be added to the wait list throughout the year. Infant & Toddler classes start in June 2017. PK2 students have the option to enroll in our 8-week summer program and/or our school-year program (August – May).

How do I add my child to the wait list?
Complete online application and send $50 cash or check to “SH NURSERY SCHOOL, 5740 Prospect Ave #1000, Dallas, TX 75206”. Please write your child’s name on the check.

You will receive an email confirmation that your child has been placed on the waiting list. The wait list does not carry over year to year.

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