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Nursery Program


SH Preschool
4411 Skillman St. Dallas 75206
(214) 826-4410

At SH Preschool, students enjoy a dynamic and culturally-rich curriculum as they start their journeys as bilingual and biliterate learners.

“There does seem to be an ‘optimal’ age for language learning, when the child’s mind is still open and flexible, and not cluttered with all sorts of other learning… At the moment, the ‘optimal’ time for learning a second language appears to be ‘at the same time as the first language’…The next best time for learning a second, third, and even a fourth language, appears to be between the ages of two to seven years.” Deborah D.K. Ruuskanen, Professor of English Linguistics

Students 3 – 5 years are engaged in Project-Based learning in order to make their time at SH meaningful, relevant and dynamic.

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