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Nursery Program

Elementary Summer Camps

Spanish House Elementary offers one-week summer half-day and full-day camps in an all-Spanish immersion environment for students entering 1st – 6th grades. Fun and dynamic sessions focus on the arts, sports, academics and summer fun! Previous Spanish is not required. Before and after care available.


Camp Prices

$50 Registration fee

$250 Half-day 9am-12pm (July 1-3 camp $150)

$400 Full-day 9am-4pm (July 1-3 camp $240)

Morning extended-care (7:30-9 am) $25 per week

Afternoon extended-care (4:00-6:00 pm) $50 per week

Half-day camps are offered in the morning 9am-12pm and in the afternoon 1-4pm.  Students are able to enroll for two half-day camps during the same week for the full-day price; there will be a lunch period from 12-1pm.

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Camp Descriptions

Basketball Skills & Games. Half Day. June 3-7 / July 8-12

Step up your b-ball game en español with our basketball skills camp.  Hone basic skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting while also working on more advanced offensive and defensive techniques. Each day will include warm-up, stretching, indoor and outdoor activities, obstacle course, themed games, and team play. Grab your sneakers and let’s hoop!

Minecraft Masterpieces. Half Day. June 3-7

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world! Let’s build and explore en español!  This open-world sandbox game allows students to create themes and storylines, tackle different objectives and goals, and more as they learn about game design & development and level design. Students will be using a class set of iPads to work on activities but are encouraged to bring their own iPads/tablets.

Music Makers. Half Day. June 3-7 / July 22-26

Students will participate in making music, while developing an understanding of the concepts of beat, pitch, notes, and rhythm. Students will engage in a full range of playful, educational selections of movement activities, high-energy games, arts and crafts, story times, entertaining songs, and hands-on instrument experience. No prior musical instruction is required.

Magazine Making. Full Day. June 3-7

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Young journalists will love this camp as they create their own Spanish magazine during the week. Students will hit the beat to find out the latest news scoops around SH and work together to create their final project. But hard-hitting journalism is only part of the story – students will study topics like editing, magazine layout, and advertising during their project.

Volleyball Skills & Games. Half Day. June 10-14 / July 15-19

SH Volleyball Camp is a great way for young athletes to learn the ins-and-outs of this popular sport. Through drills and exercises that focus on passing, setting, hitting, and serving, we’ll work on all aspects of the game including teamwork and sportsmanship. With game-based drills and daily scrimmages it’s sure to be a smash!

Math Minds. Half Day. June 10-14 / July 29-August 2

Students will participate in a comprehensive review of mathematical concepts, with an emphasis on hands-on manipulatives and critical-thinking in a fun, energetic environment. They will practice number facts using games, techniques, and apps, while developing problem-solving skills in real-life situations.Fractions, geometry, counting money, and telling time are just some of the topics covered.

Latin American Murals. Half Day. June 10-14

Students will explore the elements of art through the works of famous muralists like José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, and David Siqueiros, and also contemporary, local, and youth artists. Students will investigate and analyze artistic design, color choice, and visual composition. They will also apply line, shape, color, texture, form, value, and space to create their own mural.

Camp Fashionista. Full Day.  June 10-14 / July 15-19

This is the camp for fashionistas! Learn useful sewing skills like stitching, applying buttons and zippers, and more using kid-friendly patterns and projects. Students will also design and create new looks for our Summer 2019 SH runway/fashion show, presented to family and friends at the conclusion of the camp.

Soccer Skills & Games. Half Day. June 17-21 / July 22-26

Students will learn the building blocks of the sport, with emphasis on basic rules, movement, passing and receiving, and other offensive and defensive skills. The day will include games, drills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. To improve strength and flexibility, each day will include warm-up, stretching, indoor and outdoor activities, obstacle courses, and themed games.

Origami Workshop. Half Day. June 17-21 / July 29-August 2

Students will learn the ancient, mindful art of Origami as they transform paper into creative, interesting shapes like animals, plants, flowers, and more. They will practice math and science as they learn to read Origami designs and understand the geometry at the heart of the classic designs, all while practicing their listening and sequencing skills.

Instrumental Dance. Half Day. June 17-21

In this class, students will study lyrical dance using props like fans, streamers, flags, and shawls. The students will focus on creativity, self-expression, and rhythmic movement through choreography and instrumental music. At the end of the camp, family and friends will be invited to a final performance.

Latin Dance Rhythms. Half Day. July 15-19

SH campers will move to merengue, mambo, and more as they study various styles of Latin Dance. Through music-based movement and games we’ll explore different rhythms, sounds, and traditions from all over the Spanish-speaking world.  The week will culminate in a final performance for family and friends.

Movie Magic. Full Day. June 17-21 / July 29-August 2

Budding directors apply here! Students will learn basic elements of film-making, including story ideas, shooting techniques, and editing to create a final narrative en español.  Campers will work together as a production team from idea stage to the screen!

Tennis Skills & Games. Half Day. June 24-28 / July 29-August 2

Students will learn the building blocks of the sport, with emphasis on hand-eye coordination, footwork, basic strokes, serves, and volleys. The day will include games, drills, sportsmanship and teamwork. To promote healthy activity and learn the basic rules of tennis, each day will include warm-up, stretching, indoor and outdoor activities, obstacle courses, and themed games. Racquets will be available for student use.

SH Chefs. Half Day. June 24-28 / July 8-12

If there’s one thing Latin America is famous for, it’s food!  Come learn cooking skills while sampling some of the most delicious and popular cuisine in the world. Campers will chop, mix, and slice their way through a tour of Latin and South America with their taste buds – no passport required! Students will create a kid-friendly recipe book throughout the week.

Engineering with Legos. Half Day. June 24-28 / July 8-12

Everything is awesome at our Engineering with Legos camp! Come find out why it’s cool to be part of the SH team while building, creating, and designing with everyone’s favorite stackable blocks. With hands-on projects using kid-friendly software and Bluetooth enabled bricks, even experienced master builders will have a blast!

The World’s A Stage. Full Day. June 24-28 / July 22-26

It’s showtime! Campers will learn how to put on a theatre production from start to finish.  Elements like set design, costumes, lighting and sound, and acting will be explored in a fun, interactive way. Family and friends will be invited to a final off-off-off-off-Broadway performance, presented en español!

SH Summer Fun Camp. Full Day. July 1-3.

It’s summertime and that means FUN!  Join our Summer Spanish Fun Camp for three days’ worth of Spanish-language games, music, arts & crafts, and more. Campers will want to bring a swimsuit – things may get a little wet! Indoor and outdoor activities will keep campers busy throughout the short holiday week.

Coding 4 Kids. Full Day. July 8-12

Through design and coding, SH campers will have a chance to create their own game! With an emphasis on storytelling and creative aspects such as level design and character development, students will use apps to learn coding and bring their coding to life. Students will be using a class set of iPads to work on activities but are encouraged to bring their own iPads/Tablets.

Spanish Tune-Up. Half Day. July 15-19.

Get ready for the upcoming school year with our Spanish skills camp. Perfect for students returning to dual-language elementary programs, Spanish Tune-Up will enhance students’ conversation, grammar, and listening skills through projects, games, and other fun activities.

Junior Scientists. Half Day. July 22-26

Students will explore the fundamentals of science and the scientific method. With a variety of hands-on experiments, interactive games, authentic projects, engaging activities and helpful videos, students will learn about elements, matter, and other fun facts. In this camp, the students will also investigate and experiment to understand changes in physical properties.


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